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I am a blonde and balayage enthusiast and lover of all things hair.  My dedication and passion for hair developed from a little girl, on.   There was a defining moment in my life when my grandma told me I was going to be a "beautician".  The wheels were spinning, "A what?". There had always been a sparkle in my eye when I had the opportunity to impact the way someone's hair lived on their head.  When I saw them look in the mirror, and light up from the inside- the addiction began.  A creator of beauty.

Since 2003, I have immersed myself in the glory of being a creator in the world of hair.  For me, it is more than just hair. It is creating ones self on the outside; using trends, influence and personality as  guiding factors.  My education is evenly saturated with classical teaching from salon leaders like Goldwell,  L'oreal and Davines and balanced with some of the most innovative techniques like Fluid Hair Painting and AirTouch.

If I am not feeding my passion behind the chair, you will find me snuggled up with the loves of my life, watching a movie, or embracing a new exciting experience with my family.   I have an enthusiastic 6 year old (Preston), an empathetic and loving 4 year old (Harrison),  and a supportive husband (Steve) in my cheering section.   If all that love isn't enough, I also have the opportunity of being smothered my my 90 pound Pitbull, Memphis. 

I am honored to be entrusted with so many heads of hair and there is nothing I love more than meeting new clients and diving into a detailed consultation to create the perfect look.  I can't wait to see the sparkle in your eye!

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